Alpha du Centaure is a 4-piece blackened post-rock band from Lyon in France. Started in 2015 as an instrumental shoegaze duo and after two EP’S the project took its current shape in 2018 following a line-up changement.

The duo started by Cédric and Gaël was joined by Xavier on bass and Joan on drums. Together they found a new collective dynamic and expanded their influences to include post metal and black metal. They redefined the band’s sound and visuals for the release of their first album, “Paralysis”, in September 2020.

With this first album they went on exploring the themes of dreams, sleep, and in particular the experiences linked with sleep paralysis. They also built an original light show with second-hand lamps in order to facilitate total immersion in their dreamlike universe.

In 2023 they are releasing a split in collaboration with German doomgaze duo unknown fault. Vocalist Nadia also makes an appearance on the track “Sunray Inertia”. This is a chance for the band to go further into their new post-black influences and overall future musical orientation. Vocals are introduced and the tracks gain a new intensity, reinforcing the duality between tempestuous and atmospheric passages.

After two tours across France and Europe, the band started working on their second LP. They included Nina on vocals and synths in January 2024 opening a new arc for the band. They will be on a European tour to present new songs and old ones revisited for the occasion.